Welcome to SaskSurplus, the Government of Saskatchewan’s surplus asset sale Web site.

SaskSurplus Sale In-person Viewing

In 2020 the SaskSurplus sales introduced measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including a shift to online viewing of auction items only. In-person viewing is now back for most auction items as of December 2021. Virtual viewing also continues to be available.

SaskSurplus Sale Date Change

Beginning in December 2021, monthly SaskSurplus sales will open on the first Wednesday of every month and close on the second Wednesday of every month. This change to hold the sales earlier in the month will help government better administer the sales and help us better serve you.

The Ministry of SaskBuilds and Procurement is responsible for the disposition of supplies for the Government of Saskatchewan.

Vehicles and Equipment
SaskBuilds and Procurement typically conducts vehicle and equipment sales on a monthly basis opening on the first Wednesday and closing at 10:00 A.M. sharp on the second Wednesday of each month. Items are sold using a bid process. Sales are typically advertised through through online local news media websites geotargeted to Saskatchewan citizens with additional details included on the SaskSurplus Website. The public is invited to view the items for sale and if interested in bidding on an item they should complete a “Bid Form” in accordance with the terms and conditions of that sale. The vehicles and equipment are available for viewing at designated sites (per advertisement) or bidders can view a photo on the SaskSurplus Website. Viewing sale items online and physically is only available while the sale is open.

Office furnishings
Office furnishings and typical office equipment no longer needed by government organizations are donated by the Government of Saskatchewan to community based organizations in the province through the Community Donations Program. The program enables government organizations to recycle useful furnishings and donate them to assist community organizations in the valuable work they do to strengthen our communities and our province. Community organizations can find free furnishings that are available in their city or local area and easily pick them up without incurring expensive delivery charges. Visit the Community Donations Website ( www.communitydonations.ca ) for complete details and to register your organization for this program. Some surplus office furniture and equipment is also sold through the SaskSurplus Sale program.

Other surplus items
Other surplus items and equipment is also sold using a bid process. These items will be advertised on the SaskBuilds and Procurement Website (www.sasksurplus.ca ). Occasionally, if required, the government may use other sales methods such as an auction, which will be advertised in a number of Saskatchewan based newspapers.

Anyone can navigate to the site (www.sasksurplus.ca) and browse the current list of surplus assets by clicking on the link (Click here to search surplus items). Items which are for sale will display during the sale period designated for that item. If no items are displayed, there is not a current active sale.

In most cases the Website will include a digital photo(s) of the items (if available). Any internet browser should have the ability to display the pictures by selecting the associated document link.

Should you have difficulty navigating or accessing the Website, please feel free to contact SaskBuilds and Procurement, Disposal Program at (306) 787-2062 or (306) 787-2238.

Should you find something that you are interested in bidding on, click on the “Bid Form” button to download and save or print the “Bid Form”. Complete the bid form including the item number or numbers for each of the items you want to bid on. Bids should be submitted in accordance with the detailed terms and conditions included on the bid form prior to the closing date and time for the sale. PLEASE NOTE ALL BID FORMS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 10 AM SASKATCHEWAN TIME ON THE DATE OF SALE CLOSING. Bid Forms can be submitted electronically ONLY if the “Bid Form” is sent as an attachment to an email sent to sasksurplus@gov.sk.ca . Bid information included in just an email only cannot be accepted.

Place your bid(s) by the item number. The bidder’s name, item number and the bid price is data entered. If submitting a hand written bid form, please ensure handwriting is legible. Include a brief description of the item to help minimize errors. Complete your contact information; address and phone number(s) (an email address if possible) so that we can contact you should you be the successful bidder. A deposit is not required. All applicable taxes will be collected in addition to the successful bid price. Bidders are responsible to apply for tax exemptions by checking off the appropriate box on the bid form.

If you are bidding on multiple items but you do not want them all, please identify your preference of items within the group and the number of items wanted within that group in the next column on the bid form. If you have a preference listed, but forget to include how many you want of that group of items, you will only be awarded 1 item from that group.

Once the bidding closes, SaskBuilds and Procurement staff will examine all of the bids submitted and determine who the successful bidder is for each item. We will then be in contact with the successful bidder to finalize the sale.

At the conclusion of the bidding period, SaskBuilds and Procurement staff will examine all of the submitted “Bid Forms” to determine the successful bid. This process may take up to a week depending on the size of the sale. We will then contact the successful bidder after all successful bidders have been determined. A summary list of items including the sale price results will also be posted the SaskSurplus website at the same time.

When successful bidders are contacted, SaskBuilds and Procurement staff will complete the payment details if paying by phone and confirm a pick-up date. Pick-up dates and times are booked during regular business hours. Payment is accepted as per the terms and conditions. Government of Saskatchewan reserves the right to reject any or all bids received.

For sale results or inquiries, phone (306) 787-2062 or (306) 787-2238 or send an email to sasksurplus@gov.sk.ca

No. There is no registration requirement and there is no cost associated with accessing the Web site. The Web site is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at www.sasksurplus.ca

There are no costs to access the Website. All that is required is access to the Internet through any of the popular web browser such as Google Chrome or similar web browser.

Please review the bid form and the sale listing for the terms and conditions associated with the item listed. The following are some general terms and conditions for items sold by SaskBuilds and Procurement(“SaskBuilds and Procurement”):
  1. By placing a bid, bidders accept the following terms and conditions and any additional terms and conditions that may be identified on an individual item. This includes any disclaimers identified.

  2. All bidders must be 18 years of age or over to place a bid.

  3. All sales are Final. No bidder shall retract his/her bid(s).

  4. Every effort has been made to accurately describe items; however items may not be complete or exactly as described. SaskBuilds and Procurement does not warrant the accuracy or the completeness of the information provided. Bidders are deemed to have relied entirely on their own inspection and evaluation prior to bidding.

  5. Items are sold “AS IS, WHERE IS”. There is no implied or express warranty as to the condition or fitness for a particular use of any items. Items may have safety hazards or contain hazardous material. Bidder accepts full responsibility for items purchased.

  6. No action or claim may be brought by any person against His Majesty The King in Right of the Province of Saskatchewan or their designated custodian representative for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever arising from the use of SaskSurplus or from the possession, ownership, transportation or use of any goods purchased through SaskSurplus.

  7. Successful bidders must make full payment within 5 business days of notification or as mutually agreed. Failure to make payment will result in cancellation of sale for unpaid items. Items may be re-sold to the next bidder, re-sold in the next SaskSurplus sale or discarded.

  8. SaskBuilds and Procurement reserves the right to ban bidders from bidding (i) for non-payment, (ii) if SaskBuilds and Procurement is of the opinion a bidder has failed to comply with these terms and conditions, (iii) if SaskBuilds and Procurement, is of the opinion that a bidder has provided false information, or (iv) for engaging in any adverse behaviour, including but not limited to, exhibiting threatening, abusive or violent behavior to SaskBuilds and Procurement staff or any other person, that SaskBuilds and Procurement considers justifiable to restrict access to bidding.

  9. Successful bidders are responsible to remove items from premises within 5 business days of notification or as mutually agreed. Failure to remove items from premises may result in forfeiture of goods and all money paid.

  10. Province of Saskatchewan reserves the right to charge an administration/storage fee for items that are not removed.

  11. Successful bidders are responsible for the loading, packing and shipping arrangements for the removal of items from premises. Contact local disposal contacts to make pickup arrangements. In some locations, a successful bidder may request the assistance of the local disposal contact or with the loading, packing and shipping of an item and the local disposal contact may, at its sole discretion, provide that assistance, in which case the prohibition on any action or claim contained in section 6 of these terms and conditions shall apply to any claims or actions for loss or damage of any kind whatsoever arising from the local disposal contact’s assistance in loading, packing and shipping of the item including for the purposes of this section 11 loss or damage arising from the local disposal contact’s negligence in loading, packing and shipping of the item.

  12. All applicable taxes will be collected in addition to the successful bid price unless otherwise stated on bid form.

  13. Personal Information provided is for our use only and will not be disclosed to a third party unless required by law. Personal Information is used to contact bidders and to complete the sale of goods.

  14. Bid ties will be settled by a coin toss by administered and witnessed by two staff members.

  15. Offer To Purchase, Bid Forms are accepted by:
    • depositing in the bid box at SaskSurplus Sales Lot, 500 McLeod Street, Regina SK, submitted by fax (306)787-2092;

    • phone (306)787-2062 or (306)787-2238,

    • mail to the address below; please allow sufficient time for bid to be received.

    • attaching a completed bid form to an email sent only to sasksurplus@gov.sk.ca. SaskBuilds and Procurement is not responsible for emails not received for any reason, SPAM filter, wrong address, etc. Acknowledgement of email received will be sent by return email.

  16. Bids MUST be received at SaskSurplus Sales Lot by the closing date and time as displayed at SaskSurplus(address below under “Methods of Payment”).

  17. SaskBuilds and Procurement, advertises the minimum bid price (or “reserve bid”) on items. If there is no minimum bid price listed, the item has a minimum bid price of $1.00. If a bid is received below the advertised minimum bid price, it will not be considered a valid bid. For greater certainty, the bidder acknowledges that any advertised minimum bid price (or “reserve bid”) shall not be interpreted as an estimation of the value of the item nor as a warranty or a representation that the value of the item is equal or greater than that amount;

  18. The highest or any bid may not necessarily be accepted.
    • SaskBuilds and Procurement reserves the right to reject any or all offers to purchase received or withdraw any item from the sale.

  1. Visa or Master Card - Maximum allowable payment is $20,000 including tax. Payment by phone accepted if paying by Visa or MasterCard: (306) 787-2062

  2. Interac/Debit - Maximum allowable payment is $20,000 including tax. (In Person only)

  3. Bank Draft, Money Order or Certified Cheque - (no personal or business cheques), Payable to “Minister Of Finance"
    Payment accepted at:
    Ministry of SaskBuilds and Procurement, SaskSurplus,
    500 McLeod Street,
    Regina SK S4N 4Y1

  4. Cash – Will ONLY be accepted in the Exact amount at 500 McLeod Street, Regina SK S4N 4Y1