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Welcome to SaskSurplus, the Government of Saskatchewan’s surplus asset sale Web site.

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Disposal Process Overview

The Ministry of Central Services is responsible for the disposition of supplies for the Government of Saskatchewan.

Vehicles and Equipment

Central Services conducts periodic vehicle and equipment sales throughout the year. These items are sold using a bid process. Sales are advertised in a number of Saskatchewan newspapers with additional details included on the SaskSurplus Web site. The public is invited to view the items for sale and if interested in bidding on an item they should complete a 'Bid Form' in accordance with the terms and conditions of that sale. The vehicles and equipment are available for viewing at the designated site (per advertisement) or they can view a photo on the SaskSurplus Web site.

Office furnishings

Office furnishings no longer needed by government organizations are donated by the Government of Saskatchewan to community based organizations in the province. The program enables government organizations to recycle useful furnishings and donate them to assist community organizations in the valuable work they do to strengthen our communities and our province. Community organizations can find free furnishings that are available in their city or local area and easily pick them up without incurring expensive delivery charges. Visit the Community Donations Web site ( for complete details and to register your organization for this program.

Other surplus items

Other surplus items are sold using a bid process. These items will be advertised on the Central Services Web site ( Occasionally, if required, the government may use other sales methods such as an auction, which will be advertised in a number of Saskatchewan based newspapers.

Navigating the SaskSurplus Web site

Anyone can navigate to the site ( and browse the current list of surplus assets. Items which are for sale will display during the sale period designated for that item. If no items are displayed there is not a current active sale.

From the list of surplus items you can select the underlined surplus item # you are interested in to display further details on that item.

In most cases the Web site will include a digital photo(s) of the items (if available). Any internet browser should have the ability to display the pictures by selecting the associated document link.

Should you have difficulty navigating or accessing the Web site, please feel free to contact Central Services, Purchasing at 787-6871.

How do I submit a bid for items I wish to purchase?

Should you find something that you are interested in bidding on, click on the item to display the details, select the “Bid Form” button to download and print the bid form. The bid form will automatically fill in the information for the item you have opened. Should you wish to bid on multiple items, they may be handwritten on the bid form or alternatively you may download a bid form for each item. Please note the “Bid Form” cannot be submitted electronically. It should be submitted in accordance with the detailed terms and conditions included on the bid form prior to the closing date and time for the sale. PLEASE NOTE ALL BID FORMS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 10 AM SASKATCHEWAN TIME ON THE DATE OF SALE CLOSING.

Bids need to include which item(s) you are interested in, your bid price, along with your contact information so that we can be in touch with you should you be the successful bidder. A deposit is not required. All applicable taxes will be collected in addition to the successful bid price.

Once the bidding closes Central Services staff will examine all of the bids submitted and determine who the successful bidder is for each item. We will then be in contact with the successful bidder to finalize the sale.

How will I know if I am the successful bidder?

For sale results or inquiries, phone (306) 787-2062 or (306) 787-2238. At the conclusion of the bidding period, Central Services officials will examine all of the submitted 'Bid Forms' to determine which is the successful bid. We will then contact the successful bidder at that time we will confirm the pick-up date and location and complete payment details. Please note the Government of Saskatchewan reserves the right to reject any or all bids received.

Do I have to register to use the SaskSurplus Web site?

No. There is no registration requirement and there is no cost associated with accessing the Web site. The Web site is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at

What does it cost to access the SaskSurplus Web site?

There are no costs to access the Web site. All that is required is access to the Internet through any of the popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

Terms and conditions

Please review the bid form and the sale listing for the terms and conditions associated with the item listed. The following are some general terms and conditions for items sold by Central Services:
  • Bidders are responsible to inspect all units prior to placing a bid. Not all units listed for sale are complete or in running condition. All salvage is sold in accordance with conditions cited in The Purchasing Act, 2004 and related regulations.

  • Please date and sign the bid form in the space provided. This endorsement acknowledges that the bidder has been given the opportunity to inspect the unit and is aware that they are purchasing the unit in an "as is" condition.

  • Successful bidders present at the opening of the bids may pay for their item(s) and obtain their release slip(s) following the completion of the sale. Successful bidders not present at the opening of the bids will be notified by phone following completion of the sale or the next day.

  • Successful bidders are to present payment with a debit card or certified cheque (made payable to Minister of Finance) at the Sales Lot or Office - 500 McLeod Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, within the time as specified in our advertisement. NOTE: only certified cheques or debit cards will be accepted at the Sales Lot.

  • The Government of Saskatchewan reserves the right to reject any or all bids received.

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